2013 Goal: Take 75 hikes I’ve never taken before.

At the end of 2012, I wrote "I will be setting exploration goals that will help me explore more areas, thus ensuring a better variety of experience." To that end, I determined that I would take 75 hikes that I had never taken before. In some instances, this meant that I would hike places I …

2013 Hiking Goals

Last year, I set the goal of hiking 1,000 miles, which I reached in September of this year. One of the drawbacks of the 1,000 miles goal is that hiking was often about squeezing in the miles whenever and wherever I could. In order to reach the goal, I would often hike the same hikes repeatedly …

Year-End Review

2012 is almost over, capping an incredible year of hiking. Whether you've read every post or checked in on one or two that shared some information on a hike you wanted to take, thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Having the experience on my own would never have been as satisfying …

High Point

High Point Truck Trail - Palomar Divide Trail - High Point Lookout TrailDistance: 22.1 Miles (+1 mile)Elevation gained: 4,000'Time: 8:30Difficulty: MasochisticCritters: none to speak ofPros: - Epic views of mountains in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, including San Gorgonio, San Jacinto, Baldy, Santiago Peak, Cuyamaca Peak, Laguna Mountains, Hot Springs Peak- Tremendous sense …

Laguna Mountains

Big Laguna Trail - Pacific Crest Trail - Noble Canyon Trail - Sunrise TrailDistance: 12 Miles (approximately)Elevation gain: 900 feetDifficulty: Moderately StrenuousTime: 4 hours, 45 minutesCritters: hawks, rabbits, squirrels, bluebirdsYou Should Know: The Lagunas are part of Cleveland National Forest, and you will need an Adventure Pass to park here. Pros: Expansive desert viewsRelatively flat as …

My Top Ten Hikes

Many components can comprise a great hike: degree of difficulty, sense of accomplishment, scenery, one's companions, and variables such as weather conditions, wildlife, or uniquely memorable incidences, all of which can transform a routine or average hike into something spectacular. Just about every hike contains a degree of any one of these elements, although some hikes will …

Mt. Wilson

Chantry Flats - Gabrieleno Trail - Sturtevant Trail - Sierra Madre Trail - Old Toll Road - Upper Winter Creek TrailDifficulty: StrenuousDistance: 14.6 MilesElevation gain: 4,000 feet.Critters seen: a thriving community of grey squirrelsEven though I've been hiking for years, I still don't really feel like I've been "hiking." Crazy to say since I've been all …

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