Hiking Goals for 2012

The following is a list of hikes that I intend to tackle this year. I’ll be updating this periodically as I complete each hike, as well as adding a few once I get a better idea of where else I may be going this year.

Just for fun, I am linking to the spreadsheet that charts all of the hikes that I’ve done this year, plus distance, elevation, time, and average time per mile. If you have any interest, you can see exactly how I’m doing this.

I. Twelve Pack of Peaks

* Yes, I made this up. It’s based on the “Six Pack” (Wilson, Cucamonga, Baldy, Bernadino, Jacinto, Gorgonio), but with more on the low end.  This isn’t some informal collection of well-known peaks that is circulating around the L.A. hiking world. I just made it up because it’s a convenient way to lump goals together.

1. Boney Mountain (Sandstone Peak) – 22 miles, 3,111′ summit
2. Mt. Lukens – 11.8 miles, 5,066′ summit
3. Santiago Peak – 16 miles, 5,689′ summit
4. Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flats – 13.8 miles, 5,712′ summit
5. Palomar Mountain (High Point) – 22.1 miles, 6,142′ summit
6. Cuyamaca Peak – 20.2 miles, 6,512′ summit
7. Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon – 13.8 miles, 8,859′ summit
8. Mt. Baden-Powell – 10 Miles, 9,407′
9. Mt. Baldy (10.4 miles, 10,068′ summit)
10. San Bernadino Peak (15.7 miles, 10,649′ summit)
11. San Jacinto Peak (13.3 miles, 10,835′ summit)
12. San Gorgonio Peak (17.3 miles, 11,503′ summit)

II. Backpacking/Camping
1. Santa Anita Canyon – Spruce Grove or Devore Camp
2. Mt. Whitney
3. Granite Spring Primitive Camp
4. Alta Meadow – Kings Canyon National Park
5. San Gorgonio Wilderness
6. Big Basin State Park
7. Palomar Mountain
8. Joshua Tree
9. Anza Borrego

III. Hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains
1. Sandstone Peak from Sycamore Cove via Serrano Canyon and the Chamberlain Trail (20 miles, estimated)
2. Marathon Hike (26.2 miles)

IV. Hikes in the Sierra Nevadas
1. Alta Peak/Alta Meadow (14 miles, 11,204′ summit)
2. Buena Vista Peak
3. Redwood Canyon
4. Crescent/Log Meadow Loop
5. Tokopah Falls
6. Cloud’s Rest (14.5 miles, 9,964′ summit)
7. Panorama Trail (8.5 Miles)
8. Artist’s Point (2.2)
9. Meadow Loop (Yosemite Valley) 2.2
10. Mt. Whitney (22 miles, 14,505′ summit)

V. Hikes in San Diego County
1. Iron Mountain Loop (9.5 miles)
2. Elfin Forest plus Lake Hodges Overlook (7.6 miles)
3. Boden Canyon (11 miles)
4. Daley Ranch Loop (11-12 miles)
5. Penasquitos Canyon (10 miles)
6. Cowles Peak, Pyles Peak , Mission Trails Regional Park (up to 12 miles)
7. El Cajon Mountain via El Capitan Open Space Preserve (11 miles)
8. Agua Tibia Wilderness (20 miles)
9. Palomar Mountain State Park (5-10 miles)
10. Oak Grove to High Point (13 miles)
11. Bayside Trail (2 Miles)
12. Caliente Wilderness (12 miles)
13. Black Mountain (14.2 miles)
14. Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve/Kanaka Flat
15. Eagle Crag via Cutca Trail (16 miles)
16. Big Laguna Loop – includes PCT (10 miles)
17. Cedar Creek Falls (6.5 miles)
18. Santa Margarita River in Fallbrook (5.5 miles)
19. Monserate Mountain (Fallbrook) (3.8 miles)
20. Guajome Regional Park (4 miles)
21. Sunset Cliffs Park (1 Mile)
22. Bernardo Mountain (7.2 miles)
23. Blue Sky Ecological Preserve (5 miles)
24. Tecolote Canyon (6 miles)
25. Palomar Mountain from Nate Harrison Grade (18 Miles)
26. Whale Peak (13 Miles)
27. Laguna to Cuyamaca (24 Miles)
28. Three Sisters Waterfalls (4 Miles)
29. Barker Valley and High Point (12 Miles)
30. South Carlsbad to Cardiff (11 Miles)

VI. Other Hikes
1. Spitler Peak (10 miles)
2. Lava Lake, Gallatin N.F., Montana
3. Cinnamon Mountain, Gallatin N.F., Montana
4. Porcupine Creek, Gallatin N.F., Montana
5. Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
6. Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park
7. Panorama Trail, Yosemite National Park
8. Aliso Woods Loop (10 Miles)
9. Los Pinos Peak (16 Miles)
10. Sitton Peak (9.6 Miles)
11. Santa Rosa Plateau (8 miles)

VII. Mileage
1. 500 Miles
2. 750 Miles
3. 1,000 Miles
4. 1,250 Miles
5. 1,500 Miles

7 Replies to “Hiking Goals for 2012”

  1. I am on tumblr now

    My handle is singaporexpat

    Not sure how it can be found if you aren't on the site….but I had the same vow as you this year…more blogging…and lots of hiking 🙂

  2. It is, Colleen, but the volume is partially due to my desire to get to know San Diego. I've become very familiar with L.A., and it's pretty exciting to have so many new places to explore.

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