Year-End Review

2012 is almost over, capping an incredible year of hiking. Whether you’ve read every post or checked in on one or two that shared some information on a hike you wanted to take, thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Having the experience on my own would never have been as satisfying if I had not been able to share this blog.

The last quarter of 2012 was relatively modest in comparison to what I had done in the previous nine months. However, what I lacked in quantity, I certainly made up for in quality. Here is some of what I got up to in October, November, and December.

1. Took It Easy

After coming down with mild plantar fasciitis in both feet and mild bursitis in my left Achilles tendon, I opted to spend nearly all of October off the trails completely. While compensating with yoga helped a great deal, this was still a tough month as I came to realize just how important hiking – and moderation – had become.

2. Camped

I took two camping trips in November, which happened to be an off-month from school. In lieu of writing papers and attending classes, I spent a weekend at Palomar Mountain and a weekend at Joshua Tree National Park. In the former trip, I enjoyed glorious fall color and a night with Kelly and friends. In the latter trip, I explored the granite wilderness of Queen Valley, while tacking on a trip up to San Jacinto via the tram.

3. Snow Hiked!

With the arrival of Winter weather and a respectable amount of snow in local mountains, I was able to get a jump on winter hiking with a trip up to Palomar Mountain and a trip up to Mt. Baldy. The Baldy trip was a chance to test out the new snow shoes that I received for Christmas. This was the first time I got to hike in snow while also being fully prepared for the conditions, and the experience was awesome!

4. Had My Hours Increased at My Psychology Job

I now work 4 days, which is pretty close to full time, which has also allowed me to restrict my Trader Joe’s availability to one day per week! Also, I can work through my practicum, instead of intern through my practicum, which will decrease my stress level and lead to great opportunities in the future.

5. Enjoyed a Number of Short Day Hikes


Torrey Pines
Caspers Wilderness Park
Santa Rosa Plateau
Daley Ranch
San Gabriel Peak
Laguna Meadow
Santa Anita Canyon

In the end, I didn’t add too much to the 1,000 miles. Distance, however, has become less important than the quality of the experience. A 1.5 mile hike can be just as satisfying than a 12 mile hike. Rather than conquering huge goals, I decided to allow myself to enjoy each hike as it came along without an agenda.

I’ll have an agenda for 2013, but I won’t forget that lesson and lose sight of the forest for the sake of the trees.

Final Tally for 2012: 1,122.6 Miles

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