These Are The Trees I Know, I Know. . .

 I was thinking of all of the different trees I’ve seen this year, when the Kids in the Hall Classic, “These Are the Daves I Know” popped into my head. You’ll just have to imagine me walking around town, wearing a tucked-in flannel shirt, and talking about the trees I know (and hardly know). 

Anyhow, here is a comprehensive list of all of the trees I’ve seen, and where I’ve seen them, while hiking this year. I will add to it as time goes on. 
Trees? Boring? Deal.


– Local San Diego Mountains, on dry, low-elevation slopes. Often planted.
– Local San Diego Mountains, specifically Laguna Mountain.
– Interspersed with Ponderosa pine in the Sierras 
– Smells like cake batter. I poop you not.
– Widespread throughout the Sierras, Mt. San Jacinto, and the San Gabriel Mountains
– A handful can be found at Palomar Mountain
– Sierra Nevadas
– San Gabriel Mountains
– Mt. San Jacinto
– Mt. Baldy
– Sierra Nevadas
– Montana, although the variety here grows straight
Lodgepoles in California
Lodgepoles in Montana
 – Higher elevations of Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, and Mt. San Jacinto
– Montana and Yellowstone
– Near the summit of Alta Peak
 – In Big Basin State Park
– In the two reserves near La Jolla, CA
10. Bishop
– In Wildcat Canyon near Berkeley, CA
– In Yellowstone National Park and Montana
12. Singleleaf Pinyon Pine
– Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Joshua Tree National Park

13. Western White Pine
– Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park

14. Pinyon Pine

– The Grand Canyon


– Throughout Palomar Mountain, the San Gabriels, the Sierras and Mt. San Jacinto

2. Red
 – Sierra Nevadas, specifically on the higher elevation slopes of Alta Peak
– On Palomar Mountain, in the San Gabriel Mountains, and on the lower slopes of Mt. San Jacinto
– In Big Basin State Park, intermixed with Coast Redwood
– In Montana and Yellowstone National Park
– Yosemite National Park
– In Montana and Yellowstone National Park

Spruce Family

– Montana and Yellowstone
– Montana, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. 
– Typically, this is an ornamental tree, but it was growing wild in a handful of locations

Cypress Family

– A small grove growing on Pt. Lobos near Golden Gate Park
– Throughout the Peninsular Ranges, San Gabriel Mountains, and Sierra Nevadas
– Big Basin State Park
 – In the Sierra Nevadas, specifically in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks
– In Montana and Yellowstone
– In Montana and Yellowstone
– Yosemite National Park
– Joshua Tree
– On the north slope of Guatay Mountain
– In swamps in South Carolina
– Grand Canyon

Miscellaneous Confierous Trees

– Yosemite National Park
– Planted at Malibu Creek State Park
– Native to the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa


– Just about everywhere in the coastal hills in Southern California
– Medium elevations in the San Gabriels, Mt. San Jacinto, Peninsular Ranges, and Sierra Nevadas
– Interspersed throughout chaparral communities, rarely reaching tree stature 
– I never took a photo of this plant. 
 – In numerous places throughout the Conejo Valley, specifcally Malibu Creek State Park and Cheeseboro Canyon
– Occupying a small mesa in Daley Ranch
 – Throughout medium elevations in the Sierra Nevadas and Peninsular Ranges
Black oak in spring

Black oak in fall
– Interspersed in the understory of the Coast Redwood forest at Big Basin State Park
– Not technically an oak, but close enough that it’s getting lumped in here
8. Southern Live Oak

– In woodlands and cities in South Carolina

9. Gambel Oak

– Grand Canyon

10. Turbinella Oak

– Grand Canyon

Riparian Habitat Trees

– Along creeks and streams in the Southern California foothills, valleys, and canyons
– Along creeks and streams in the Southern California foothills, valleys, and canyons
– Along creeks and streams in the Southern California foothills, valleys, and canyons. Most prevalent sightings were in Agua Caliente and Caliente Creek

– Along creeks at higher elevations, most notably at Santa Anita Canyon, Icehouse Canyon, Holy Jim Canyon, and Palomar Mountain
– Along creeks in Big Basin State Park and Wildcat canyon
– On cooler, damper slopes in the Sierras, San Gabriels, Santa Monicas, and Peninsular Ranges
 – Stream-side and on cooler slopes in the San Gabriels, Peninsular Ranges, and in the Sierras
– Along streams and creeks in the Sierras and on Palomar Mountain
– Only at Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park 
– Montana and Yellowstone

– Montana and Yellowstone

11. Black Cottonwood
– Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Yosemite National Park

12. Mountain Alder
– Eastern Sierra Nevadas

13. Sandbar Willow
– Joshua Tree National Park

14. Boxelder

– Grand Canyon

15. Redbud Tree

– Grand Canyon

16. Acacia

– Grand Canyon


1. California Buckeye
– On the Sierra Nevada foothills in Sequoia National Park

2. California Black Walnut
– In isolated groves in the Santa Monica Mountains, mainly in Malibu Creek State Park

3. California Ash
– Mixed into chaparral, rarely approaching tree stature

4. Mountain Mahogany
– Eastern Sierra Nevadas

5. Joshua Tree
– Joshua Tree National Park

6. Sabal Palmetto

– Lining streets and in forests in South Carolina


1. Eucalyptus (Blue Gum)
– Prevasive throughout San Diego, most notably at Hosp Grove and Batiquitos Lagoon

2. Pepper Tree
– Scattered throughout San Diego as an ornamental; I take my halfway break at Penasquitos Canyon under a particularly nice one.
– I have not yet taken a picture of this tree

3. California Fan Palm
– Scattered throughout various canyon trails at sites of old settlements
– Native in California, but only in desert oases
– I have not yet taken a picture of this tree

4. Lombardy Poplar
– Three planted individual trees on Century Lake at Malibu Creek State Park

5. Common Fig
– In dense, wild stands growing in Holy Jim Canyon

June: 101.2 Miles
Year-to-Date: 722.8 Miles

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