The Three Saints

Hiking Bucket List Goal #1: Climb the Three Saints

From left to right: Mt. San Antonio, Mt. San Gorgonio, and Mt. San Jacinto. Taken from Santiago Peak.

The “Three Saints” refer to the three dominant mountains in the Los Angeles region, Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy), Mt. San Jacinto, and Mt. San Gorgonio. Each peak is notable for its own dominant qualities. For instance, Mt. San Antonio is the highest peak in Los Angeles county at 10,064. Mt. San Jacinto has one of the greatest degrees of prominence (about 10,000′ from the valley floor to the summit) in the country. Mt. San Gorgonio is the highest peak in Southern California.

I just returned from Mt. San Gorgonio today, which means I can cross off my first goal on the bucket list. Over the last two months, I climbed all three mountains, which all present unique challenges and memorable sites. One of the fun things about the three mountains is looking at the two neighboring “Saints” from the peak or slopes of each one.

The above panorama was taken from the top of Santiago Peak, which is viewable from all three peaks, in addition to other notable peaks on the Twelve Pack of Peaks list. When I complete that particular goal, I will do more comparison shots. 

I’m presenting the respective views here.

Mt. San Gorgonio from Mt. San Jacinto
Mt. San Jacinto from Mt. San Gorgonio
Mt. San Gorgonio (Left) and Mt. San Jacinto (Right) from Mt. San Antonio
Mt. San Antonio (Right) and Cucamonga Peak (Left) from Mt. San Gorgonio
Note: I could not get a clean shot of Mt. San Antonio from Mt. San Jacinto

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