Palomar Mountain, March Edition

Palomar Mountain is, like, cool, and stuff. OMGWTFROFLMAO!Distance: 8.2Elevation Gained: 1,250'Time: 5:00Difficulty: Moderately Strenuous (due to carrying a full pack).Get there like this.Note: There is an $8 fee to visit this state park.At this point, I feel like I have written and talked about Palomar Mountain so much that I feel like I am all …

Observatory Trail, Palomar Mountain

Distance: 4.5 Miles (There-and-Back)Elevation Gained: 750'Difficulty: ModerateCritters: A deer; a flock of quailDirections: Drive to this spotNote: You may need to pay a fee or have an adventure pass to hike here. Furthermore, this campground shuts down in the winter, so you may be forced to start the hike at the Observatory instead of the …

Palomar Mountain, Summer Edition

A panoramic view of Jeffrey pines and Lower Doane ValleyDistance: 5.6 MilesElevation Gained: 800’Difficulty: ModerateTime: 2:04Critters: A garter snake, hawks, squirrels, two deerPros:- A unique mountain environment- Perfect weather for hiking- Kelly was there- Arguably the best hike in the San Diego areaCons:- Don’t be sillyDetails:Shadows lengthen across the south end of Upper Doane ValleyIn …

Palomar Mountain, Revisited

Boucher Hill Trail - Adams Trail - Cedar Trail - Doane Valley Nature Trail - Weir Trail - Upper French Valley Trail - Thunder Spring Trail - Chimney Flat Trail - Silvercrest TrailDistance: 8.8Elevation Gained: 1,200Difficulty: ModerateTime: 4:00Critters: Ravens, Hawks, Doves, Quail, Wild Turkeys Palomar Mountain Best mountain scenery in San Diego County- Everything is …

Black Mountain

Santa Ysabel Road - Black Mountain Truck TrailDistance: 14.2 MilesElevation Gain: 3100'Difficulty: StrenuousTime: 4:50Critters: A bobcat, a flock of quail, hawks, a momma duck protecting her nest, squirrelsPros:- Unique views of east San Diego County mountains, including Palomar, Volcan, Cuyamaca, Woodson, and Hot Springs Mountain.- Great early spring wildflower display- gentle incline for much of …

Elfin Forest

The Way-Up Trail - Lake Hodges Overlook TrailDistance: 6.4 MilesElevation Gain: 700 feetDifficulty: Moderate Time: 2:20Critters: lots and lots of poochesPros:- Good views of east San Diego CountyCons:- Crowded- Very little shade- Aside from the views, wildflower blooms, and the crossing of Escondido Creek, there's really not much to seeThe Details:I had a little spare …

High Point

High Point Truck Trail - Palomar Divide Trail - High Point Lookout TrailDistance: 22.1 Miles (+1 mile)Elevation gained: 4,000'Time: 8:30Difficulty: MasochisticCritters: none to speak ofPros: - Epic views of mountains in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, including San Gorgonio, San Jacinto, Baldy, Santiago Peak, Cuyamaca Peak, Laguna Mountains, Hot Springs Peak- Tremendous sense …

Palomar Mountain State Park

Boucher Hill - Cedar Trail - Doane Pond and Lower Doane Valley - Chimney Flat.Difficulty: EasyDistance: 5 Miles (approximate)Critters Spotted: 15 mule deerTo kick off 2012, Kelly and I headed up to Palomar Mountain State Park for the fledgling tradition of a New Year's Day hike. We arrived at Silvercrest Picnic area  around 11:something in …

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