Best Pictures of 2013

Sunset from Haleakala
Part of hiking for me includes photography, which has always been a minor hobby for me. Throughout the year, I’ve taken what I think are some decent photographs. This is my opportunity to share those that I felt were the best.

New Year’s Day sunset over Oceanside Beach


Batiquitos Lagoon, January


Giant Sequoia, January


Giant Forest, January


Desert Divide, January


San Onofre State Beach, February


Charleston Cathedral, February


Cypress Gardens, February
Big Laguna Lake, March
Santa Rosa Plateau, March


Caspers grasslands, April


Sunflowers near the Colorado River, April


Bright Angel Creek, April


Ribbon Falls, April


North Rim, April


Palomar Mountain, April


Ponderosa Pine Cones, April


French Valley Creek, April


Dragonfly at Santa Margarita River, April


Sunset from Cuyamaca Peak, April


Devil’s Slide Trail, May


Juvenile Black Bear, June


Flowers on the Buena Vista Peak Trail, July


Lilies, July


Stony Creek, July


Sunset over the Central Valley, July


Ponderosa Pines at Palomar, August


Sunrise from Desert View, Laguna Mountains, August


Laguna Meadow, August


Oceanside Sunset, august


Sunset from Haleakala, September


Kalalau Trail, September


Sunset from South Kauai, September


Mist rising from Discovery Lake, September


Hoarfrost on Reyes Peak, September


Mist on Lake Hodges, October


Bishop Canyon Creek, October


West Side of Convict Lake, October


West Side of Convict Lake, October


Convict Lake, October


Black Oak Leaves Turning near Angelus Oaks, October


Oceanside Sunset, November


West Mesa, November


Anza-Borrego, November


Elephant Knees, November


Black Oaks on the PCT, November


Ducks on a Fallen Log in Century Lake, November


Deciduous Detritus, December


Anza-Borrego from Santa Rosa Mountain, December

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