November Summary

During the month of November, I hiked 82.7 Miles and gained 10,700′ of elevation. I spent 32.5 hours on the trails, and I burned approximately 12,000 calories doing so. My average hike was 6.36 miles long with an average gain of 823′.

I hiked through bone-dry deserts and through rain-soaked canyons. I hiked in forests, summitted peaks, and strolled past meadows and streams. I enjoyed the last bastions of fall foliage, and I enjoyed a few old favorites.

Here’s the breakdown of what I did.

11/4/2013 Crystal Cove SP 8.3
11/8/2013 Daley Ranch 9.1
11/14/2013 West Mesa Loop 7.2
11/14/2013 PCT: Desert View/Laguna Loop 12.1
11/18/2013 Batiquitos Lagoon 3.2
11/21/2013 Split Mountain 12.5
11/21/2013 Palomar Lower Doane Valley 2.5
11/22/2013 Tenaja Canyon 7.6
11/22/2013 Santa Rosa Plateau: Adobe Loop 3.7
11/23/2013 Batiquitos lagoon 3
11/26/2013 Batiquitos Lagoon 3.2
11/28/2013 winter creek 5
11/29/2013 Malibu Creek State Park 5.3

Coming up in December, I intend to stretch myself out for progressively longer hikes with an eye toward taking on massive segments of the PCT in San Diego County during the winter months. I will soon reach my goal of taking 75 brand new hikes this year. I’m currently stuck on #74. I’ll also tackle the massive El Cajon Mountain, take a stab at a snow-capped Mt. Baldy, and make a push toward 1,000 miles. I’m currently at 873.9 miles on the year. Hiking 126.1 miles over the month will be a huge challenge, but the goal is within reach. Should be a great cap off a great, but dry year.

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