The Road to Hana

While the road to Hana is only a hike in the metaphorical sense, the scenery is every bit as beautiful as what one would seek out on a good hike. In fact, being able to drive allows one to see much more variety than possible on a hike. While a drive isn’t my preferred method of locomotion through natural beauty, this is one those exceptions that makes me grateful for automobiles. While Kelly and I did do an additional 1.5 miles of walking beyond the 4 miles of the Pipiwai Trail, this is mostly a photolog of the sites we saw as we circumnavigated East Maui. This trip includes the forboding and not-quite forbidden one-lane highway between Oheo Gulch and Tedeschi Winery in Upcountry Maui.

One of the numerous bays along the highway.

Panorama of the Keanae Arboretum

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Sun shining through the forest near the Keanae Arboretum

Upper Waikani Falls

Near Nahiku

Some sort of Lilly near Nahiku

Honolulu Nui Bay

An Artesian Pool on the shore of Honolulu Nui Bay

Peep says “Hi!”

Kehanu Gardens, which includes the largest and oldest temple in Hawaii (built from 1200-1570)

Peep at one of the pools at Waianapanapa before getting molested by mosquitos

The black sand beach at Waianapanapa

Big Island looming in the distance

The south side of East Maui, along a road most people consider forbidden

Same road. It’s really not that bad.

Just before reaching Tedeschi Winery and before the clouds opened up on us. That’s Kahoolawe (formerly used as target practice by the military) in the distance. 

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