May Summary

Looking east from the slopes of Telegraph Peak

During the month of May, I hiked 91.7 Miles and gained 17,960′. I spent 41 hours and 33 minutes on the trails, and I burnt off about 15,050 calories doing so. While May is warmer than April, and, at least this year, much dryer, the temperature change allows for more hiking in the higher elevations. This May has been mountain month, and I have taken advantage of the warmer temps to summit a favorite peak, while tackling some previously untaken mountain hikes.

Corn lillies emerging from the ground at Wellmans Cienaga in the San Jacinto Mountains
Some of the noteworthy hikes this month included a cold, snowy hike through Tahquitz Valley in the San Jacintos. I also met up with Kyle at Dry Lake in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Next, I climbed San Jacinto Peak from the Devil’s Slide Trail, which is a longer, but less challenging option than others available. And finally, I tackled the relentlessly challenging Three T’s Trail in the San Gabriels. Mixed in with that were trips to Palomar, Penasquitos Canyon, the Santa Margarita River, and a rainy hike at Daley Ranch.
Cedars and firs on the South Fork Trail

The hikes for the month:

5/4/2013 Doane Valley Loop, 5.4
5/6/2013 Daley Ranch – Cougar Ridge/Jack Creek Meadow, 8.1
5/7/2013 Tahquitz Valley, 9.4
5/9/2013 Batiquitos Lagoon, 3
5/11/2013 Santa Margarita River, 3
5/14/2013 Dry Lake, 13.7
5/21/2013 Mt. San Jacinto, 16
5/24/2013 Penasquitos, East, 6.8
5/27/2013 Three T’s Trail, 16.4
5/31/2013 Palomar Mountain (Adventure Edition), 9.9

At the PCT Junction with the Devil’s Slide Trail during a light snow storm.

All in all, I hiked about 35 miles less than the previous month. This was due to a combination of being busy and not taking any extended forays into the wilderness. If you consider that I hiked 54 miles within the first four days of April, I probably hiked a consistent amount. A fifth straight month of 90+ miles indicates that I am getting a generous amount of hiking, while avoiding the excesses of last year that led to injury right around August. So far, my feet feel pretty good, even after the more difficult hikes of this month.

Mt. San Gorgonio towering above a sea of clouds

Next month will feature less frequent hikes, although the hikes I will take will be more epic in nature. I will visit the postponed Reyes Peak/Haddock Mountain area. I’ll take a stroll along the edge of the Springs Fire burn zone on the Mishe Mokwa Trail. I’ll revisit an old favorite at Topanga Canyon State Park. I’ll backpack a stretch of the Alta Trail and the High Sierra Trail. Finally, I’ll tackle Mt. San Bernadino and both of the Tahquitz Peaks. Should be a nice way to enjoy my last month of bachelorhood.

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