Los Santos/Trans-Preserve Loop

Emerald fields studded by oak trees with small patches of wild flowers springing up in the warm March sunshine. These classic California sites don’t last very long, especially following a dryer-than-average winter. However, these things are there for the seeing, and the trails are there for the hiking at Santa Rosa Plateau on this small loop trail near the Vernal Pools.

Distance: 3.5
Elevation Gained: 500′
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1:30
Critters: A hawk, a coyote.

Get there like this.

Note: It costs $3 per person to hike at Santa Rosa Plateau.

I’ve already written about Santa Rosa a couple of times. I won’t write about it again for a bit, so if you want to know more about what it is, check this and this out. For today, Kelly and I stopped for a short loop hike before heading over to Long Beach for some much-needed family time. We came to witness the green, swaying grass, the twisted Engelmann Oaks, and the small patches of wildflowers that were just beginning to sprout. Following are some pictures from the hike.

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