February Summary

During the month of February, I hiked 95.7 miles, gaining approximately 10,350′. I spent a total of 39 hours and 20 minutes on the trails, during which time I burned approximately 13,674 calories. Despite the shortened month, I did my most hiking since July of 2012. This indicates that feet are fully healthy and are withstanding a renewed onslaught of hiking. It also indicates that I’m getting close to backpacking conditioning for the Spring and Summer months.

I took a number of great hikes this month, but there were definitely some that stood out as superb. I particularly enjoyed the trip up to Dry Lakes Ridge in Ojai, which I hiked with my friend Taylor. The brief excursion into the Carolina swamps after my friend Jenn’s wedding was fascinating, as well as a welcome departure from the usual (and still lovely) California terrains. And while I didn’t make it out to Anza-Borrego, the walkabout I took at Santa Rosa Plateau was just as satisfying and rewarding.

I took 15 hikes this month, presented here in order:

2/1/2013: Torrey Pines Extension, 1.5 Miles
2/2/2013: Batiquitos Lagoon, 3 Miles
2/4/2013: Hosp Grove, 2.2 Miles
2/5/2013: Guatary Mountain, 5.7 Miles
2/5/2013: Agua Dulce Loop, 6.3 Miles
2/8/2013: Dry Lakes Ridge, 5 Miles
2/10/2013: San Onofre State Beach, 6.1 Miles
2/12/2013: Daley Ranch Figure 8, 8.9 Miles
2/15/2013: Charleston Urban Hike, 4 Miles
2/16/2013: Old Wide Awake, 1.1 Miles
2/17/2013: Cypress Gardens, 2.2 Miles
2/22/2013: Boden Canyon, 11 Miles
2/23/2013: Los Pinos/Trabuco Peaks, 13.5 Miles
2/26/2013: Santa Rosa Plateau, 13.2 Miles
2/28/2013: Penasquitos Canyon, 12 Miles

Coming up in March, I will step up the distance and ambition in the hiking as I prepare for a backpacking trip across and back at the Grand Canyon. I’ll do a few strenuous hikes with Kyle, who’ll be joining me at Grand Canyon, including Agua Tibia Mountain, Eagle Crag, and another hike of Kyle’s devising. I’ll also soak in what wildflower displays the precipitation has permitted at a number of local hiking spots, including Caspers, Aliso Canyon, and Woodson Mountain.

March is primetime for hiking, so get out there!

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