Giant Forest

This is the last blog in the Yosemite series, and will probably be the last hike I do for a couple of weeks. I’ve got what I believe is plantar fasciitis, and I’m going to take some time off from hiking to see if the rest will do it any good. I also will be hiking less from here on out not just because I met the goal but because there are some other things I want to prioritize. I’ll hike when I can, but it just won’t be as much.

Anyhow, Kelly and I made a quick stop at Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park on our way back from Yosemite. I wanted to show Kelly my favorite place, and this was a good time to do it as the warm weather season starts winding down. I’ve been going to Giant Forest for years now, and it remains the most magical place I’ve ever been.

Today wasn’t the ideal time to visit. The dry weather had taken its toll on the vegetation, and the harsh midday light made the forest less attractive than it really is. The best time to come here is probably in June and July, when the meadows are green and the flowers are starting to bloom or have already been in full-bloom. Still, there’s no “bad” time to come here. It’s always amazing.

That said, Kelly was still impressed by the place, and we enjoyed a leisurely loop around Log Meadow, up to Eagle View on the High Sierra Trail, back around to the top of Log Meadow to Tharp’s Log, where a man built a cabin out of a dead tree, over to the chimney tree – a burnt tree you can stand inside, and finally back down Crescent Meadow.

Along the way, we enjoyed the peace, coolness, quiet, and grandeur of this forest, which in spite of visitation still feels like a place transplanted directly from ancient history. The trees themselves are primeval in their massiveness, and one can imagine a time when all plants were this big. The world no longer supports this kind of tree, except in very rare conditions.

I’ve talked a lot about Sequoias in other places, and I won’t rehash any of that here. Suffice it to say that Giant Forest is worth the visit, and we enjoyed our time here.

Giant forest got me started on hiking, as I used to come here on overnight trips to wander around. I relied on it for emotional well-being and a source for adventures, and that remains true today. I know I’ll be back, time and time again. I’ve got the itch to come back in the winter and try my hand at snow-shoeing. I probably will return next like I always do

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