30 Day Challenge!

In honor of Kelly’s recently completed 31 day challenge, I am taking on my own challenge. As per the rules of Kelly’s challenge, I will take 30 hikes in 30 days over the month of June.

Some of the hike will be incredibly small, such as the most recent Sunset Cliffs hike. Some of the hikes will be incredibly large, such as a planned backpacking trip to the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio. Many of the trips will be average hikes between 3 and 8 miles. They all count, provided they conform to three basic ground rules.

The ground rules:

1. A hike must be, A. at least one mile on an unpaved surface, or, B. at least two miles on a partially paved surface. OR, the hike must be present in a guide book.

2. Multiple hikes may be taken on a given day. The goal is to take 30 hikes in 30 days, not to hike once per day.

3. There must be either a period of rest constituting either a drive or one hour’s pause between each hike. Hanging around for fifteen minutes on a break does not constitute a new hike.

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