Photography – Cottonwood Lakes Backpacking

In July, 2011, my friend Kevin and I took a four day backpacking trip through the Cottonwood Lakes area of the eastern Sierras, which are a few miles south of Mt. Whitney. This is a collection of photos from that trip.

Click to embiggen.

 Alpine wildflowers
 Kevin taking it easy at our campsite at Soldier Lake
 Chicken Spring Lake
 Cottonwood Lakes 6 & 7
 Cottonwood Lake #1 (I think)
Chicken Spring Lake again
 Creek near Long Lake
 Dead foxtail pine
 Ground plants at 12,000 feet
 High Lake immediately after New Army Pass
 Long Lake
I’m waiting for the sunset
 Meadow wildflowers
 Miter Basin
 Mt. Langley

 The Owens Valley
 Some kind of paintbrush flower
 Morning light on Long Lake
 Soldier Lake
 Sunset over the Great Western Divide
Sun caught in the smoke from a nearby wildfire

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