Photography – Western Sierras

These pictures were taken during two summer trips to the Sierras. The first trip, taken in June, 2011, went through Giant Forest, the High Sierra Trail, the Lakes Trail, Kings Canyon, Paradise Valley, Mist Falls, Redwood Canyon, and Stony Creek. The second trip in August 2011, which was shorter and included less hiking, features Moro Rock, Stony Creek, Crescent Meadow, and Giant Forest.

Click on a pic to embiggen!

Heather Lake
 Alta Peak
 Big Meadow
 Yellow Butterfly
 Black Butterfly
 Corn Lillies in Crescent Meadow
 Corn Lilly Leaves
 Creek at Crescent Meadow
 White Flowers at Crescent Meadow
 Dogwood Bloom
 Fir Cone on Fire
 Half Dome
 Sunset over forested ridges
 Serpentine Granite
 Moss on a Sugar Pine
 Paint Brushes on the High Sierra Trail
 Pink Flowers on the High Sierra Trail
 Paradise Valley
 Redwood Canyon at Sunrise

 Lake Hume at Dawn
 Kaweah River
 Kings River
 Cascades on the Kings River
 Kings Canyon
 Out of Focus Light on Stony Creek
 Lilly in Crescent Meadow
 Lizard on Moro Rock
 Me on Buena Vista Peak
 Sunset over Redwood Canyon
 Sunset from Buena Vista Peak
 Yosemite Falls
 Vernal Falls
 Camping at Stony Creek
 The Sphinx at Kings Canyon
 Snow at Upper Tokopah Valley
Crescent Meadow
 Sunset from Moro Rock
 Sunset at Stony Creek

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