Pacific Crest Trail via Desert View

I’ve fallen a bit behind on writing thanks to a rather nasty bout with the flu. Now that I can string two sentences together, I want to share the singular observation I gleaned from a recent sunrise hike from the Desert View Picnic Area in the Laguna Mountains.

For the hike itself, I hopped onto the PCT from the picnic area and headed south. This is one of my favorite stretches of the PCT in San Diego, as it has a combination of great views AND abundant shade. It’s really the only stretch of the PCT that passes through extended sections of forest cover, and the forest it passes through is quite lovely. I could hike this trail over and over.


I don’t dislike crowded trails because I dislike people. Rather, I dislike crowded trails because it prevents me from being able to piss wherever I like. So there. I’m not a misanthropist lone wolf after all.


That’s really it for now. I am scuttling most of my hiking this month because I really feel like crap but also because my wife has been working like crazy, and I need to give her some space to relax and recharge. The good news is that the inflamed bursae are no longer inflamed, and that I’m actually losing weight.


July is looking up though, as I’m eyeballing a glorious dawn-to-dusk day of hiking in Yellowstone National Park when my family visits Montana during the latter half of the month!


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