Inaja Memorial Trail

This brief trail memorializing fire fighters who died fighting the 1956 Inaja Fire scrambles around a rocky, chaparral studded promontory that offers good views of the San Diego River Canyon, Santa Ysabel Valley, and the Volcan Mountains.

Distance: .5 Miles
Elevation Gained: 100′
Difficulty: East
Time: 20 minutes
Critters: None

Get there like this.


The Grand Canyon of the San Diego River?

Next time you’re in Julian, and you’ve eaten too much pie, try taking this brief stroll on the way out of town before driving down the hill to Santa Ysabel. Sure, you won’t burn off all of that pie unless you do this loop about 10 times, but at least you’ll get the blood flowing following the hyperglycemic stupor you will find yourself in.

This trail is quick, easy, and pleasant, albeit with a few sketchy sections of trail that require care and patience. The rewards are substantial, given the minimal effort required. The view of Santa Ysabel Valley is particularly good, as this unique perspective of rolling, oak studded hills offers a vision of pastoral oak woodlands at their finest.

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