Bachelor Party: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

In the midst of this “hiatus,” I scheduled my bachelor party for a 5-day camping trip in the Sequoia-King Canyon area at Upper Stony Creek Campground. I didn’t actually wind up hiking all that much. Instead, I enjoyed some down time during which I became supremely relaxed. I also walked away with a sinus infection, which stuck with me right through the wedding. All-in-all, it was a great trip, and I got to spend some great time with my friends Sean, Kyle, Kevin, and Joel.

As this is a hiking blog, here is a brief list of hikes I took:

Buena Vista Peak, 2 miles, 400′ elevation gain
Muir Grove, 4 miles, 800′ elevation gain
Hanging Rock, .2 miles, 200′ elevation gain
Beetle Rock/Round Meadow, 2.1 Miles, 100′ elevation gain
Redwood Canyon (Sugarbowl Loop), 6.7 miles, 1,500′ elevation gain
Stony Creek Walkabout, 1 mile, 100′ elevation gain

Here are some photos from the trip:

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